farmers of the different CONSERVANCIES 

In order to help the Conservancy farmers effectively, we as DeLHRA, signed MOU's (Memorandums of Understanding) with 5 Conservancies in the Kunene Region: 

  • Sorris-Sorris Conservancy
  • Torra Conservancy
  • Anabeb Consevancy
  • Sesfontein Conservancy
  • Purros Coservancy 
saving the desert lions

how we support the farmers

  • To assist communal and commercial farmers in the prevention and mitigation of conflict situations involving predators (desert lions especially) preying on livestock and/or domestic animals through intervention by providing fortifying materials for upgrading and building of facilities  e.g. corrals used for keeping livestock, providing of equipment for deterring predators from attacking livestock, sourcing funding through soliciting sponsors/donors to finance the above as well as to establish a compensation fund to ensure market related compensation for losses suffered by participating farmers who qualifies for compensation
  • To liaise with and educate communities in affected conservancies in order to pursue long term solutions pertaining to the above
  • To establish, promote and support avenues through which tourism in affected community conservancies can add value to the welfare of communities and farmers distinguishing predators as an asset to communities and farmers
  • To prevent disturbance to, injury of, unnatural death to or by any human action threatening the well-being and survival of the Namibian desert lion
  • To promote harmony between affected conservancy communities and predators to the maximum benefit of both by eliminating the need for, or frustrations leading to retaliatory or revenge killings of predators by livestock owners and farmers
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